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Lucky Skins

Lucky Skins (a brief history)

The Machine and I

Steven Heller and the machine that started this whole thing.

A Machine and a Dream

In 2010, I read an article about the "top 10 coolest decals for the new iPad". Looking forward to the release of the then upcoming iPad, I was reading every article I could find that was remotely related. I remember being so underwhelmed by what I saw. All I could think was, "I can do better". While visiting my sister and her family a few months earlier I had played around with a little vinyl cutter that she had (the Silhouette SD, if you're curious). I was really amazed at what that thing could do. So I got one and started making decals and selling them online. It wasn't very long before my products were featured in those same articles (In one of them, I had 5 of the top 12 designs. That was flattering).

I decided to start making some items for the iPhone 4 when it came out. The first design that I introduced was the Spectra Wrap. It was AMAZINGLY popular and before long I had introduced several new lines of skins and wraps for the Apple family of products. Things really took off from there.

There are two things that have bothered me in the past when I have dealt with accessory makers. Number 1: Fit and finish. I can't tell you how many skins or wraps I have bought that just didn't fit well at all. This has always bothered me. If I'm going to buy a skin for my device, it had better fit PERFECTLY, and yet I'm always amazed at how poorly most of these items are designed. One of my core values with Lucky Skins is that my products have to fit like a glove. If a customer ever contacts us and says that a product doesn't seem to fit right, we'll double-check and see if we can make any changes to our design. I've literally altered a design by 2/100's of a millimeter, because I realized it would lead to a better fit. Number 2: Poor customer service. I know it will sound trite, but I truly believe in the "golden rule" mentality. I've always felt that if I gave people the excellent service that I so badly desired in the companies that I dealt with, those people would come back. And they have.

We've received hundreds of emails from customers letting us know how happy they were to have dealt with Lucky Skins. That's one of the real reasons that we do what we do. And I like to think it's one of the reasons that were going to be able to continue doing it.

We're not perfect. We make mistakes. But we're constantly trying to do things better. To be better tomorrow than we were yesterday. I'm confident that if we keep that perspective we'll continue to grow and provide you with new and innovative products now and in the future.

Lucky Skins and The Future.

We're passionate about what we do. We love technology and we love to make it look unique. We have a lot of really cool stuff planned for the future and we're excited to bring it to you. For all the support we've been given by each and every one of you, we're truly grateful that your support allows us to do this stuff that we love so much.

From everyone at Lucky Skins, thank you!

Steven Heller
a.k.a. Stevelucky
Founder, Lucky Skins