en-US Lucky Skins Blog Lucky Skins Blog Sat, 25 Apr 2015 10:53:57 +0000 http://fishpig.co.uk/magento/wordpress-integration/?v= http://www.luckyskins.com/blog/ Tips and Tricks For New iPad Users The Apple iPad is a device with many great (but not widely known) features. There are some basics any new user should know for the ultimate iPad experience.

Anyone with privacy concerns should turn on Erase Data, located in the Passcode Lock area of General Settings. This will erase all of the iPad's data after 10 failed passcode attempts. To clear all Safari broswing history, cookies, or the cache, go Safari Settings. Privacy lovers should also set up Find My iPad in iCloud Settings. If someone then loses their device, icloud.com can help them find it.

Internet access is one of the iPad's best features. The Bookmarks bar makes browsing easier and can be permanently turned on in Safari Settings by choosing Always Show Bookmarks Bar. Tap on the top of the title window to quickly jump back to the top of a page. Links can be opened in a new tab by tapping and holding a link, then pressing Open in New Tab from the pop-up menu. From this menu, links can also be added to the Reading List.

Email access is also important to most iPad users. To turn off the alert noises that play with each new arrived message, turn off sound for New Mail in Settings > General > Sounds. To view more of an email during preview, go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Under Preview, there are options to preview anywhere from zero to five lines of the message. Email pushing can also be turned off in the Mail, Contacts, Calendars menu, under Fetch New Data.

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5 Productivity Apps For Your Macbook Air The MacBook Air is one of the lightest and most convenient laptop computers available on the market. This makes it perfect for travelers and those who are looking to have a powerful Apple computer, without it weighing them down. And as you can expect with any other Apple computer, it offers a bevy of applications and programs that will make your life more productive.


MindNode is a perfect app for MacBook Air users who want to start from a blank slate and build a large idea that they have in their mind, while doing so easily and creatively. This app will build a web of ideas that are coordinated by color and idea categories, making it easy to organize and display your thoughts.


SelfControl is a free app that is perfect for procrastinators. Being productive means that when it’s time to work, well, its time to work. However, too often people get distracted by other websites and information on their computer. SelfControl will block other programs while you complete the task that is at hand.


If you are unwilling to use SelfControl to completely block out other apps, an alternative can be found in Quiet. Instead of completely blocking other apps, Quiet will blur inactive windows, while focusing on the open app that is in the forefront. This is great for switching between programs, without seeing continual updates to your social media wall or getting incoming instant messages.


The most productive people always have great ways to plan out their day, that way they are not drained through continual work on the computer, but also they assure they get enough done. BreakTime will inform you of when its time to get up and stretch your legs, but it will then also tell you when its time to come back to work and get things done. It’s a great time management tool for MacBook Air users.


It would probably been unfair to list a productivity list of apps, without mentioning Producteev. This app is perfect when separating your personal tasks from your work necessities. It makes it easy and simple to see how much you have to do for the day, which will allow you to manage your time much better.

A MacBook Air is a great tool to get a lot done. But with these productivity applications, you can be even more productive with your work.

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Using Heat During Lucky Skins Teksure Application Some of the Android devices that we've been developing Teksure Skins for have sharp curves that need to be accounted for. These curves are too sharp to use relief cuts. Using a hairdryer and applying heat allows the Teksure material to soften up and smooth down over the corners. When the material softens up, it conforms to the shape of the corner and looks beautiful. We'll be creating application videos for each device but for now, we created a short video to show you how it works and what the results look like. Check it out!

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Android has landed (we're small, but we're growing)! Android has landed


We've had countless requests to skin Android devices and, while it probably took far too long, we've finally got a few up on our site. Currently we have skins for the Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4 and the HTC One. We know, we know, it's a small start. But we're working on the Google Nexus 4, Galaxy Note and Note 2 and several others. If there's anything specific device you'd like to see us skin, we'd love to hear from you. You can either leave a comment on this post or fill out our request page here.


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Lucky Skins Slim iPhone Cases We absolutely love what we do. We love the products we make and love giving people new ways to customize their devices. Lucky Skins are designed to make your device look just how you want it to without getting in your way, like most iPhone cases typically do. But we've heard from many that love our products, but want a way to give your device a little more protection while still being able to show off your cool Lucky Skins.

We're proud to introduce the Lucky Skins Slim Case for iPhone 5 (iPhone 4 & 4S are soon to follow). Our Slim Case is a very slim, clear case that gives you added protection for your phone (and your Lucky Skins) while still showing off your one-of-a-kind iPhone. Due to the tight fit of the Slim Case, they're not compatable with our Teksure Wraps, though they work just fine with our Spectra Wraps. Check out our installation video below to see a little more.

You'll find the option to add a Slim Case to your order for just $5! We hope you find our iPhone Slim Cases a great addition to the Lucky Skins lineup.

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iPad Skins Are In The iPad skin is a thin easy to apply and easy to remove decal made of a resilient vinyl material. The durable vinyl is manufactured to last as long as the design is appreciated. It will never harm the device regardless of how little or how long the skin stays on the iPad. The skin actually protects the iPad from scratches that develop during daily use; scratches that would otherwise affect the device.

Each skin is produced to fit the iPad in a sleek and comfortable manner. The skin will not interfere with view, accessories, or use of the device in any way. When the time comes to remove the skin, simply remove and no residue will remain on the iPad.

The skin allows users to dress their iPad and express individual personality and style. The skins are unique to the iPad owner. There is no limit to the type of skin that can be purchased. Skins can be bought or created in a variety of hues, art work, and personalized to no extent. Basically the iPad skin is only hindered by the creator’s creativity.

Customize the skin to express emotion, admiration for a form of art or sport, or simply dress the iPad to look trendy and contemporary. The skin is a way to dress up the iPad and give it a signature look; an appearance unlike any other iPad. Really, that is what the skin is striving to achieve. The skin creates a one-of-kind look for an otherwise standard looking device.

Creating and purchasing a quality skin will change the original looking appearance of the iPad and transform it into a distinctive device. Regardless if the iPad is a newer model or a not-so-current model, skins are available for every model, every user, and every style or taste.

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Spice Up Your Style With A Custom iPhone Skin In this technology savvy age there are very few people who do not own an iPhone, iPad, laptop computer or any number of technological devices. The growing popularity of mobile technology has opened a new door in fashion and style. This new interest in expressing ones personality has now expanded to include technological devices. Your style is no longer limited to the clothes you wear. Now you can express your individuality by dressing your devices too.

It is important to protect your iPhone because you cannot always avoid dropping, scratching or chipping the device. The screens can crack making the device useless. A well-made cover can prevent many of these problems from occurring if you should happen to drop your iPhone. Many iPhone skins are made of the highest quality material. They are durable and form-fitted to make it look as though it is part of the device instead or an added feature. iPhone skins come in hundreds of colors and styles to fit any personality. You can even buy a few back-up skin styles and switch them out to fit your mood. You can get the skins in a full body wrap style, side wraps or even skins that just fit the back.

If you absolutely love your iPhone then why not protect it? Protective skins do not have to cost a fortune either. You can protect your device with style for a very affordable price that will fit your budget and not take a bite out of your wallet. Why wouldn't you want to protect your beloved devices if the styles are great and the price is right to ensure that you can enjoy your iPhone for a long time in the future. Your iPhone is almost an extension of your arm why not choose an iPhone skin that reflects your style and personality.

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How to Make Your iPad Uniquely Your Own In a sea of identical iPads, make yours stand out as uniquely your own with a protective, stylish skin that covers the front and back of your device for wraparound coolness from Lucky Skins. You'll never mistake someone else's iPad for your own or have someone else accidentally take off with the wrong device when you express your personal style on it. That could be embarrassing and a hassle to locate your own iPad.

Lucky Skins remains true to the Apple-centric design, plus we offer skin covers for every generation of iPad and iPad mini and each one's precision design offers unobstructed access to speaker, camera and the SIM slot (if needed) while safeguarding your device against scratches and scrapes.

Choose a tough, industrial look from the Teksure line in shiny black, red or white carbon fiber or add a power-pop of eye-catching pink to express the vibrant side of industrial design. Also from the Teksure series, go for a touch of the unexpected with a wood-tone skin in warm brown Parudao wood or exotic cool gray Nezuko wood, or the modern light beige deemed Curly Maple for adding a rustic charm to your digital lifestyle. There's also a brushed metal option for a rich, elegant look.

For more personalization and protection options for your iPad while remaining free of a bulky case, check out the DuoTone iPad skins series. DuoTone skins enable you to mix the colors and styles of the front skin, center skin, and end skins.

You can expose or conceal the original Apple logo by choosing to have a cut-out on the skin, or not. If you'd like to switch up the color of your Apple logo, you've got plenty of options for even greater customization and crazy color combos. Choose three different Apple logo colors from 28 options from bright neons to wood-tones to the retro-cool rainbow Apple logo.

Concerned that you won't be able to apply the skin yourself? No worries. Check out Lucky Skins' easy application video (with the retro 70s vibe). They'll show you exactly what to do and it makes applying a skin practically goof-proof. The key is to take your time to align the skin perfectly. There is also a separate video that shows you how to easily repair a skin, using just a blow-dryer.

So come on, Lucky Skins are in. Check them out and order your distinctive iPad skin today.

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Is Your iPhone 5 Well-Protected... And Stylish? The iPhone has long been the elilte device among smartphones, and the iPhone 5 is a continuation of Apple's constant stream of awesome mobile devices. And with so much portable functionality, most iPhone users carry their phones everywhere. The iPhone 5, although very durable in its own right, is still as fragile as its parts -- so it's smart to invest in some stylish protection for your iPhone 5.

It doesn't matter how cautious you are; accidents happen. Protect your iPhone 5 from minor scuffs, broken screens and chipped corners with protective gear like a screen protector and/or wrap. Over time, the effects of even the cleanest hands on the iPhone’s screen can create a dirty, smudgy apprearance -- and it might even affect the functionality of your screen.

On its own, the iPhone 5 is stylish yet sparse. A well-designed iPhone 5 skin will not only protect your iPhone, but will add a stylistic touch that will make your device stand out in a crowd and fit in with your own individual style.

Don't wait till it's too late. Get some protection -- for your iPhone 5, that is.

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Daring Fireball Linked List: The Latest Apple Scuttlebutt Polarizing filters? A Jony Ive designed iOS? Sounds like iOS 7 is going to be interesting...

Regarding Jony Ive and iOS: Word on the street is that iOS engineers with carry privileges all have some sort of polarizing filter on their iPhone displays, such that it greatly decreases viewing angles, thus making it difficult for observers to see the apparently rather significant system-wide UI overhaul.

Daring Fireball Linked List: The Latest Apple Scuttlebutt.

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