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iPad Skins

Lucky Skins is your source for the most distinctive and original iPad protective skins on the web. No matter what generation your iPad may be, or even if you're rocking the iPad mini, we carry a number of unique and stylish lines of iPad wraps designed to let your true personality shine through. The iPad isn't a luxury item. It's a necessity for anyone who likes to connect to everything without squinting. Go ahead and try to remember what life was like before you got your iPad. Now you can personalize your iPad with the highest quality iPad 3M protective skins.

If you just want to splash a little color on your world, our DuoTone Series allows you to choose from a wide range of gorgeous color schemes, and either front, back, or full-wrap application. We even carry the cool little Apple inserts you need to pledge that allegiance. Our Teksure Series delivers a range of classic wood grain finishes, as well as brushed metal and a black carbon pattern to deliver that industrial tech feel.

To get started, simply click on the generation and style of your iPad above to access all the great iPad skins and wraps for your device. All of our designs are precision engineered for an impeccable fit every time, and the 3M materials we use, including natural carbon fiber and fiberglass, are extremely protective and durable enough to last for years. If you have any questions about any of our products, you can reach us by clicking here at any time. At Lucky Skins, our focus is always your complete satisfaction.