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iPhone 4 Spectra Wrap (3 Pack)


Our iPhone 4 Spectra Wrap has proven to be one of the most popular items that we carry. Our new Spectra Wrap material is designed to leave behind no residue whatsoever. While not shown in the pictures, we've also added a piece to cover the home button as requested by some of our customers.

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Each wrap is composed of three separate pieces (4 if you have a Verizon iPhone 4) which cover the entire outside edge of the iPhone 4. And you'll receive a set of 3 decals so if you get bored of that first color, you've got 2 more! All Spectra Wraps come with a matching logo for placement on the back of the iPhone as well as a piece to cover the home button. Application instructions are included and an iPhone 4 decal wrap application video can be found in the Application Videos section. While we're not selling our product as a fix for any iPhone 4 reception issues, most of our customers have remarked that's it's helped them or even fixed their problems completely. We prefer to market it as an aesthetic product designed to change the look of your iPhone 4, but if it solves your problems, all the better!

Apple also has a CDMA version of the iPhone. Reference our diagram to the right so that you can be sure you're getting the correct product.

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