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iPhone 4 Tru Skin (Real Carbon) - Back Only


Do you love our iPhone 4 Teksure Skins, but want to raise your level of class and individuality? The Lucky Labs iPhone 4 Tru Skins are made from REAL carbon fiber or fiber glass fabric. You heard us, REAL, ACTUAL carbon fiber. These skins will add a great level of protection like nothing else and really make your phone stand out in a crowd. We plan on continuing the line and expanding it to cover more products.

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The Lucky Labs Tru Skins are available in black carbon fiber basket weave and silver fiberglass fabric. The skins are coated in a clear epoxy resin to protect them and make them shine. The pictures here really don't do them justice and they need to be seen to be appreciated. Due to the nature of the materials, we are not able to cut out the logo.

These are the items you will receive:

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