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Custom Skins for AppleTV & Magic Trackpad

Lucky Skins thinks that every device is worth personalizing, so we are constantly adding new device skin designs to match up with as many Apple devices as possible. If you own an AppleTV or Magic Trackpad, now you can add a little bit of you to your home devices as well. Our Teksure Series of skins and wraps is machined from incredibly durable 3M materials, with immaculate graphical detailing and texture that will make you wonder if it's actually real or not. You can choose from black, white or red carbon fiber, three extremely realistic wood grains, and a wicked brushed metal finish that looks like it was peeled off the walls of an interplanetary cruiser. You're going to look at your AppleTV every day...shouldn't you give it a little custom treatment?

The engineers at Lucky Labs are crazy when it comes to every skin fitting every device perfectly, every time. Our Lucky Skins are meticulously sized, so your wrapped AppleTV and Magic Trackpad end up looking like it came that way from the factory. We also have a series of easy-to-follow instructional videos that each only take a few minutes, but walks you through a totally hassle-free application process. Click on the device above to find the perfect AppleTV skin or Magic Trackpad wrap to get started. If you have any questions on any of our products, or would like to suggest a device for a new design, you can email the Lucky Labs crew here. We know how much you love your Apple devices, because we feel the same way. Your iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and more are important parts of your world. And, when it comes to your world, always remember: Make it Beautiful. Make it Yours. Make it Lucky Skins!